Heard it in the Hallways

New year, new quotes! Read below to see several real, out of context comments from Olathe North students. It will surely make you wonder about the sanity of your fellow classmates.


Jena Bright, Photo Editor

“Are ducks and geese, like, related?”

“Why is there ramen in the sink?’’

“There’s bound to be a churro in here.”

“We both have two boyfriends.”

“Would you like wet hands?”

“I want to be a voo- doo doctor because then I get to wear fun hats.”

“ The differencebetween ‘thicc’ and ‘thick’ is about 15 pounds.”

“I swear his foot was a ham sandwich?”

“Everybody loves me, you know that right?”

“Just wipe it on my socks.”

“We need to title our savings account “Grandmas Cremation Fees” so we can get into college.”