Heard it in the Hallways

Your favorite article is back! Read below to see several real, out of context comments from Olathe North students. These crazy comments will make you question the sanity of the students around you.

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Heard it in the Hallways

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“You look like Napoleon Dynamite’s younger brother.”

“No dumbo, there is no ‘t’ in library.”

”I felt like every strike was just a little bit of my soul leaving my body.“

“I’m not going to have bridemaids or groomsmen at my wedding because I’m a star.”

“The clip and my chapstick were having a playdate.”

“Jokes on you, I am always sad, not just when you pointed it out.”

“Do you think that I could finish this scholarship by just banging my head on the key board?”

“French people flirt like nurses.”

“They spilled tea and I slipped on it.”