Hot Takes

We asked our newspaper staff what their favorite Halloween movie. Here are some of their responses.


Andrea Martin, Advertising Manager

The Nightmare Before Christmas– it puts me in the perfect Halloween mood.”


Adams Family or Spooky Buddies because they are true classic.”


Halloween Town. It’s just so good and the franchise is *chef’s kiss*.”

Hocus Pocus periodt.”


Silence of the Lambs because Hannibal is cute.”


“Duh Halloween Town. It’s just good, how can anyone not like it? It’s got that “spoopy” factor.”


“I honestly don’t know. I’m not a big Halloween movie person but that one scary episode of Suite Life of Zack and Cody is pretty fire.”


“Best Halloween movie is probably Coraline? Anything made by Laika is pretty rad tbh.”


Halloween Town because I relate to Marnie, I would be the one to follow my grandma into a different dimension.”

Halloween Town. It is a cultural staple and if you haven’t seen it you’re too young.”