Heard in the Hallways

Your favorite article is back for the first time this year! Read below to hear several authentic, out of context quotes from your fellow wacky Olathe North Students.


Andrea Martin, Advertising Manager

“Your dad is so bald, Mr. Clean is jealous.”


“If I ever got a nose job I’d show them your nose as a sketch.”


“If anyone wants to date me, breathe.”


“If John Deere had Yondr pouches, would it be yonDEER?”


“I may not have a stable upbringing but at least I’m mentality stable.”


“I’m like Trump, but I replace narcissism with stupidity.”


“Dude, you’re relating my dead grandma to a basketball.”


“Your daughters aren’t addicted to nicotine, Mom, I don’t think you understand how lucky you are.”


“You hit a certain age of maturity where you start to like oatmeal raisin cookies.”


“Person 1: Dude can I have that?

Person 2: *growls*

Person 1: I guess not.”


“Legally you could marry a McChicken.”


“Imagine death but, like, cherry flavored.”


“I’m pretty sure that VSCO girls work for the bourgeoisie.”


“I am not a clown, I am the entire circus.”