Hot Takes

We asked our staff what they thought about Winter Break starting on December 23 and if they think that the Olathe School District is pushing it back further each year. Here are some of their responses.


Andrea Martin, Advertising Manager

“I can’t prove it, but yes, yes they are.”

“It seems a lot shorter because I used to be able to vacation for three weeks and now it’s only two.”

“It seems like Winter Break is later every year. It’s really annoying because I could use more time to relax and spend time with family.”

“Yeah that’s pretty weird, I remember when we started winter break earlier last year. The district is probably up to something to be honest.”

“It’s based on the calendar year and when the week lines up. It isn’t the districts fault.”

“I feel like it’s always that close because the last day of school is basically the 20th if you count the weekend which seems normal.”

“They push the day back every year and they bring the return date up for no reason but because the district feels like it.”

“I remember getting out from school around December 16. You wanna know when the last day of finals are? The 20th of December. The district has got some explaining to do.”