Heard it in the Hallways


Andrea Martin, Advertising Manager

Here are some of the most outrageous comments made by Olathe North students in hallways to kick off 2020

  • “Y’all can’ even see white people ash.”
  • “Well that’s what the raccoon said and I trust his word.”
  • “His hands could eat your hands.”
  • “Excuse me, Karen, I have abandonment issues.”
  • “Bro, I swear, I was about to fight this kids in my second hour, he was looking at me weird.”
  • “She cut her hair and now she looks like Dora the Explorer.”
  • Person 1: “My twin almost forgot MY birthday. My TWIN.” Person 2: Well, you guys aren’t identical. so you don’t have the same birthday.”
  • “My marriage almost fell apart because of scantrons.”
  • “I’m not hitting you, I’m spanking you.”
  • “I punched a guy’s contact out once.”
  • “I’m Jewish, so I should be able to grow a great beard.”
  • “We love trash! Trash is good!”
  • “Like a hot butter through knife.”
  • “That wasn’t very ulta of you.”