Heard it in the Hallways

Jena Bright, Photo Editor

It’s back. The collection of totally bizarre and random quotes said by students of Olathe North. Yes, some are may raise concern, some will make you laugh out loud,but all are definitely worth reading.

“Where is it where you buy your way to heaven?”

Student: “I’ve been having mental breakdowns every week.” Teacher: “Me too.”

“My life is one big tea pot.”

“Um no, save the rubbing alcohol, I was gonna drink it”

“No one here wants your heart.”

“In my dream, I interrogated sheep really intensely… I’m going to visit him again tonight.”

“Sorry, I have to miss spring show because I want to see the yodeling boy from Walmart instead.”

“I could sleep on a bed of nuggets.”

“I’m only good at throwing things when I throw it at someone.”

“She looks more and more like a frog every day.”