Do Teachers Know the “Tea”?

Jena Bright and Kalley Jurgielski

Recently, The Chronicle set out on a mission: to find out if the T’s know the tea. Teenagers use phrases like “what’s the tea”, “sis”, and “skinny legend” on a daily basis, but do their teachers understand what they mean? The results were varied, as some teachers are “woke”, while some are not as much. Read below to find out which are tea-fficient.

Jessica Garrett’s Thoughts

Skinny legend: kind of a legend, but not majorly

Spilling tea: gossip

Sis: “pal, girl, honey-for a friend”

Receipts: proof of something, like for blackmail

Salty: sassy but mad, bitter

Robert Cave’s Thoughts

Oof: mistake, blunder

Spilling tea: gossip, kiss & tell

Sus: figure it out, and in “sus it out”

Beat: tired, old

Clap back: insulting someone who insulted you

Shook: surprised, shocked

Sarah Hanson’s Thoughts

Boujie: not good

Thic vs thicc: one good one bad

Skinny legend: one hit wonder

Popped off: angry words

Snatched: good

Cancelled: forget

Jeff Walton’s Thoughts

Sis: Opposite of brother

Spilling tea: Boston Tea Party

Finna: Bad english for “I’m going to”

No cap: No hats in school

Boujie: trying to be higher class than you are

James Sturgeon’s Thoughts

Spilling the tea: You’re an American Patriot during the Revolution

Sis: That is your sister

Receipts: Something you get when you buy something

Photo Courtesy of Mr. Oxley’s Instagram

Joseph Oxley’s Thoughts

Local: around here

Talking/situationship: cupcaking

Shook: upset

Trolls: things under bridges

Drip: drop

Salty: salt bae Photo courtesy of Joseph Oxley

Answer Key:

Local- someone who likes anything that is in the main-stream

Oof- a reaction to a mistake or unfortunate incident

Popped off- going above and beyond

Talking/situationship- the stage before dating

Shook- Surprised

Spilling tea- gossiping

Receipts- evidence

Sus- suspicious

Salty- bitter

Clap back- a comeback with attitude and sass

Trolls- someone (usually on the internet) who says taboo or mean comments for a reaction

Snatched- fashionable or good

Boujie- short for bourgeoisie, uppity or pretentious

Finna- fixing to

Cancelled- rejected

No cap- not lying

Drip- describing an outfit usually with good jewelry

thic- someone who has a curvy figure

thicc- someone who has an even curvier figure

Skinny legend- commonly used to refer to Mariah Carey but can be used to describe anyone glamorous and talented regardless of weigh