Down the Lane

Lily Harrison, Staff Writer

The Olathe North Bowling team has had an exciting, successful start to their season. This year the team is packed with newcomers, and these new Striking Eagles are certainly making a name for themselves.

These new bowlers were inspired to join the team for many reasons. Sophomore Varsity bowler, Evan Harrison explained, “I started with a friend two summers ago and I had a lot of fun with it, so last year I figured I would try out for the team. After that I’ve just loved the community, and everyone is just super warm and welcoming towards you.”

The Olathe North Striking Eagles had a successful first away meet, according to Evan Harrison, considering all of the new bowlers who have recently joined the team. The boys’ team had their first big meet at Royal Crest Lanes in Lawrence on January 10. The highest bowler was Evan Harrison with a score of 543. The girls’ team also had a meet at Royal Crest Lanes on January 11. Emily Stamper was the Eagles’ highest scoring bowler, as she scored a 607.

Meanwhile,the first meet in Kansas took place at Mission Bowl on January 16th. Olathe North bowled against Olathe West, Shawnee Mission North and Shawnee Mission West. The highest-scoring bowler on Varsity’s boys’ team was Nicholas Gerhold, with a score of 566. For the Junior Varsity boys’ team, the highest scorer was Jackson Sarver, who finished with a 399. For the girl’s, the highest Varsity bowler was Emily Stamper with a score of 682. The highest girl’s Junior Varsity bowler was Jordan Riley, who scored a 316.

To be this successful at meets, the Striking Eagles have had to put in plenty of work. Just like any other team, the bowlers have daily practice. They bowl for about two hours after school every week. This adds up to eight to ten hours a week, but many team members go even further and practice on their own during the weekends.

TheStriking Eagles are also driven when it comes to supporting their team. They recently held their Rock and Bowl fundraiser on Friday, January 4 at Olathe East Lanes. The bowling alley was packed, and those who went to contribute to the team said they had a great time.

On Thursday, February 14 at Olathe Lanes East, Junior Varsity has their city meet starting at 3 pm. Varsity has their city meet on Friday, February 15 at 2:30 pm at Mission Bowl. The Olathe North Bowling team would love if their fellow Olathe North students came out and supported them.