Whiskers Cat Cafe

Lily Harrison, Staff Writer

Whiskers Cat Cafe is located in downtown Kansas City. For $10 you get a free coffee on the menu that is listed for $2, and an hour of cat time. If you are under 18 you just have to get a waiver signed by a parent and then you are free to play with the cats. When you get into the room there are cats everywhere. After getting out of the cafe I felt very calm and relaxed. The environment was so relaxing and quiet and everyone else in the room was very kind and quiet as well.

You have multiple other options instead of just playing with the cats. You can do a kids’ play, yoga, bingo, painting, or even have date nights with the cats. Prices range from $6-$35. For holidays they do special things like pumpkin painting with cats.

 The best part is all of the cats are up for adoption. So if you are looking for a new furry friend head on over to the cafe. KC Pet Project teams up with the cafe and provides them with the cats. Whiskers has so many cats ranging from young to old, all breeds, genders, and personalities. The cafe helps these cats stay active and keeps a good human interaction and touch bond. Overall Whiskers Cat Cafe was purrfect.