Freshman Fears


Many freshmen mentioned being worried about joining school sports, including football. | Photo by Leandra Ho

Lili Madden and Reese Pope

 All freshmen had their worries when they made the big step to high school. We interviewed some freshmen within the first month of school at Olathe North to get an idea of what some of the most intimidating parts of high school are. 

What are some things that freshmen are scared of? Maybe getting lost in the new school? Making new friends? Finding a spot to sit at lunch? Freshman, Cadan Manny, is amongst these students. 

“I was scared that I was going to get lost,” Manny said. “The first few days I definitely did get lost, but I don’t get lost anymore.” 

It’s a big change to a whole new school but as you get used to your daily schedule you get more comfortable. A way to help reduce this fear is to have easy access to a school map on your phone or printed out on a piece of paper. 

Freshman Charlie Senuta was worried about friends. 

“A lot of my friends are at [Olathe] East, so I was worried my friend group was going to fall apart,” Senuta said. 

Having to make new friends in a new community can be intimidating for many. Many people transfer through academies so many students don’t already know each other. 

Sasha Shakleford, doesn’t relate to this fear because they already know people. 

“Not really, ‘cause I got friends who go here,” Shakleford said 

Even if you’re not afraid or nervous about anything, there may be others around you that are. Take notice of these people and help them feel comfortable whether it’s by inviting them to sit with you at lunch or helping them understand a homework assignment. Kelvin Parker found the older students and teachers to be threatening. 

“Yeah I was scared of Devon Lowe and Coach McCartney,” said Parker, “McCartney still kind of spooks me every now and then because I never know when he’s serious, but Devon Lowe, him and I; we’re cool now.” 

Over time these students feel more welcomed to the environment. Though older students can certainly help them feel more comfortable by socializing with them or helping them learn their way around. We have all been in their shoes at one time or another and it’s good to set new students off on the right foot. 

Freshman Jayden Arrington was worried about being prepared for school activities. 

“Not being ready for football probably,” Arrington said, “I’m cool now, we’re good.” 

You have to reach big goals and you can’t let a little fear get in your way. New school, new you, you leave the middle school past behind and as a high schooler learn and grow to be your true self. Expose yourself to new opportunities and communities to figure out your potential future. Take school seriously, but enjoy the things that come.