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Students Ponder the Pain of Prom

Is prom really as exciting as everyone says it is? Is this dance worth spending all the money on an outfit, restaurant, and tickets? Some people look forward to this dance all year, while others skip it to go to the movies or just go to the after-party. Prom has been a popular event since the 1920’s. It’s a long-going tradition that originated from debutante balls that slowly transitioned into school dances, and is now what we have today. It’s different from homecoming or sweetheart dances. Prom is a celebration for upperclassmen at the end of the year! Some students take prom very seriously. They start planning months in advance. For example, some people get their prom dress in January for a dance that’s in April or make dinner reservations and form a group right after homecoming ends. There is lots of help and preparation needed to put on this night, but is it worth all the trouble?

Last year’s prom ended up being the same weekend as the DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) National competition, which caused some students to miss out on Prom last year. While some didn’t care as much about missing prom, others were very upset by it and excited to get to come this year. Some students choose not to go because they don’t like school dances. The big debate is should you attend prom this year?

“I’m super excited for Prom this year since I missed it last year. I think it’s a great end-of-the-year activity to look forward to. The hype around school dances is honestly worth it as long as you don’t stress over it too much. I will say though, DECA ICDC was well worth skipping prom because a trip to Florida with a bunch of other high schoolers is an unbeatable experience.” says Sareena Kandalkar, senior. 

Proms can be very expensive. The average cost for a prom dress is about $350-$500 and the average for a suit is $400-$800. Although you don’t have to spend a lot of money if you don’t want to. There are cheaper alternatives. There are some websites that offer dresses for about $70- $150. For example sites like Lucy in the Sky, Lulu’s, and Hello Molly. 

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The average prices can be very expensive and not affordable for many people. Some say it can be obvious if you don’t match the level of formality that is needed for prom. Showing up in jeans and t-shirt is not the best bet, but do you really need to go as far as getting a ball gown?

Along with spending the money to get an outfit, you also have to be very organized for a successful night. Most students either go on a date or a group. “Quote.” Restaurant reservations have to be made many weeks in advance. Some of the most popular places like Cheesecake Factory, Bolings, and Carraba’s Italian Grill are already becoming full of reservations. 

There is a new trend that people like to go to a fast food restaurant or somewhere not as nice in their outfits, so that is possible too!

Prom could be the night of nights for some or just another night in. Prom sneaks up on people every year. It usually takes place in the Spring in either April or May. This year is on April 13, 2024. Plans are already being made for after parties, which is another big aspect of prom for lots. A couple different people have said that either getting ready for the dance or the after party once the dance is over. A popular trend for after parties is to add a theme to it like white lies or rhyme without reason.

Stucco plans and sets up prom as well as our homecoming dance. It is very expensive and time-consuming for them to create a prom for us. They have to take the time to plan it out as well as execute it. Decorations cost about $7000, food can cost about $400, and music if they hire a DJ is roughly $1500. 

There are many different options for prom. It really becomes what you want it to be. What will you do for prom?


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