Clubs of the Month

Looking to get more involved in clubs? There are plenty of clubs looking for more members, and many of them are new for this year. Below is a brief description of some of some of North’s newest and most vibrant clubs.

Brian Beach, Staff Writer

Smash Club

If you agree with the statement, “Smash is life!” or “Have a pretty sick Falco” (or other Smash charac- ter) then this might be the club for you. Members get together and play Super Smash Bros along-side biology teacher, Mr. Elniff.

Established: The beginning of this year

Teacher Sponsor: Mr. Elniff

Size of Club: 5 (Including Elniff)

Meetings: 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month Eagle Halftime A
Highlight of the Year: According to Lawrence Qudsi, “The Kirby glitch was pretty good.”

Eagle Broadcast Club

The Eagle Broadcast Club practices broadcast skills by filming all Olathe North varsity football games.They are broadcast live on the club’s YouTube channel, ONHS Eagle Studios, so if you can’t make the game in person, you can still follow the Eagles thanks to the hard work of this club. Ever wanted to broadcast games yourself? Eagle Broadcast Club is always looking for new members!

Size of Club: About 10

Meetings: Every Thursday Halftime B

Teacher Sponsor: Mr. Lane

Highlight of the Year: According to member Sarah Lewis a highlight is the, “End of the year banquetwhere we do like points and awards and stuff and that’s always really fun.”

Historical Synthesis Society

Historical Synthesis Society: If you, like founder Jordan Yonce, have a, “Love of the history of the past,” and you consider the, “empires gone, ages of long ago” to be “scintillating to the mind,” then you should seriously consider joining the HSS. This group enjoys learning about history and teaching others through rather pretentious methods.

Established: March 2018

Teacher Sponsor: Mr. Sorrels

Size of Club: 9 Members

Meetings: Eagle Halftime A, First Tuesday of each month
Highlight of the Year: According to Yonce, “The highlight is the journey of history and the fact that I get to take fellow students on it with me.”

Latina Leadership Club

A branch of Hispanic Leadership Club, Latina leadership club is a place for girls to come together and support each other. The group took part in the Halloween Trick-or-Treat night and raised funds to help pay for some people’s homecoming tickets. There are also plans to help out in nursing homes in the future.

Established: May 2018

Size of Club: About 30

Meetings: Every other Thursday in Ms. Silva’s room

Teacher Sponsor: Ms. Silva

Highlight of the Year: President Sofia Martinez states that, “I think the coolest part has been seeing theamount of girls that have come through to get together.”

ON Paws Club

This club puts a priority on animal-based service projects and includes opportunities to serve at SPCA and listen to guest speakers. Club founder Isabella Prince created the club because, “There was a needfor it,” and “there’s not many clubs that are specific for [the pets and animals in the community].”Established: Second semester of last year.

Teacher Sponsor: Ms. Keller

Size of Club: About 20

Meetings: After school on Wednesdays 3:05-3:30, or Eagle Halftime A

Highlight of the Year: According to Prince, a big highlight was “Last year, when we all went to SPCA together and donated all of our supplies because we actually got to get a tour of the place and see the dogs we were helping and the cats.”

Do you have a passion for something unique but have no club to enjoy it with? Start your own club using the step by step guideline below.

  1. Request an Application to Form a Student Initiated Group from the office. If you can’t remember that exact title, you can just tell anyone in the office that youwant to start a club and they will get you this form.
  2. Come up with a name for your proposed group.
  3. State the purpose of your group and propose meeting times
  4. Get at least 7 members to come on board and join the club
  5. Find a faculty sponsor for your club
  6. Turn in the Application to Form a Student Initiated Group back to Ms. Noteboom in the office.
  7. The office will contact your faculty sponsor, and then your faculty sponsor should contact you.
  8. Enjoy your newly-founded club and begin planning events!