Volleyball Brief

Elizabeth Tuckness, Staff Writer

With four freshmen varsity players, the 2018 Olathe North varsity volleyball team felt like they had to start anew within the Olathe North gym. With that the players had to facilitate a boost in comradery over the season.

Senior Michaella McKibben reflected on the vars

ity team’s season where they lost their past seniors and gained their new freshmen. “We were up then we lost everybody, now we have to make a new team. And it is great because we are working really well together.”

The veterans of the team worked hard to improve bonding and communication, while the new players worked on their plan of attack. “At the beginning, it was really hard to figure stuff out, but now we are getting the hang of it because we have been together for a while now.” McKibben continued, and it was visible as the team won eight games.

Head Coach Nate Eick also believed that the comradery within the team was high. He watched the varsity students grow to become better players over time, and also noted that the players became friends off and on the court.

“The team as a whole worked together more so than we did last year.” Sophomore Julia Pearce exclaimed.

The players worked hard and had a good season together, but the practices turned out to be more intense this year for the betterment of the team. “There is less messing around and more getting to work.” Freshmen Rori Stith commented about practices.

The team was positive about their sport. With coach transfers and many moving up the ranks and teams, they found that their new coaches coached differently and brou

ght different takes to each play of the game. “I would say our most memorable game would have to be the SMW Tournament, when we started off the day kind of rough then rebounded. Ended up finishing the tournament 3:3.” Eick reminisced.

Pearce explained, “Being on the court, getting that rush when you get a good pass, feeling when somebody gets a good ‘kill’ and you were a part of that play, you feel so much better because you helped get the point”