Conspiracy Theories

Art by Kalley Jurgielski

Hayley Adams and Lily Harrison

Mattress stores are everywhere, literally. There will be two stores in the same shopping center or within five miles of each other.

Odds are you aren’t a buying a new mattress that often maybe once every 5-10 years and when you do get a new mattress, you go to places like Sam’s Club, Cosco or Nebraska Furniture Mall. So, what is really happening inside of these mattress stores. Are mattress stores just some sort of giant money laundering scheme?

This all started from a comment on Reddit talking about how Mattress Firms are being used to launder money. But when we talked to Mattress Firm employee, Brittney Bivens she said “We are obsessed with finding customers their new beds.” Doesn’t that sound a little creepy that they obsess over it? Maybe the money is there and maybe it’s not.

Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s America’s most popular favorite food and is beloved by all children and adults. Recently however, one popular pizzeria has been making headlines after Youtuber Shane Dawson uploaded a now viral video discussing the pizzeria’s controversial theory. The pizzeria’s name? The one and only, Chuck E Cheese.

In the video, Shane shows some pretty startling images of the Chuck E Cheese pizza. In the pictures, pieces of the pizza appeared to be older than the others and from different original pizzas. So basically, Chuck E Cheese has been accused of reusing old, uneaten pieces of pizza to save money on ingredients. Chuck E Cheese has strongly denied these claims, issuing a press release stating that all of their pizzas are made fresh.

The theory became more real however, when Shane went to his local Chuck E Cheese and received a distorted, and uneven pizza. Although Chuck E Cheese still strongly denies these claims, many have gone to their local Chuck E Cheese’s and most have received suspicious pizzas. In the end, it is just a theory however, I would proceed with caution when you go to your next 7 year old’s birthday party.

“Omg! I’m European! This is crazy!” A few decades ago, comments like these have become more and more common with the rise of sites like and With the increased popularity around these websites, come the conspiracies around the DNA testing business. The main theory is that these companies are keeping our DNA to sell to us later in life when anti-aging technology is more advanced to basically sell us our young selves again. Confused? Me too.

Medical Professions teacher Chris Elniff has strong opinions on the matter. “That’s stupid, why would I buy my own DNA?” Elniff went into a lot more intricate detail on the matter, but basically said old DNA and new DNA is very similar. He continued to say that we are nowhere close to human immortality because of the second law of thermodynamics: if it exists it breaks down. So maybe, these companies aren’t keeping our DNA samples locked top secret safes, or maybe, that’s just what they want you to believe.