What Happened to “B” Bell?

The sudden change in the bell schedule has students and teachers confused.


Lily Harrison, Business Manager

Students have noticed that Olathe North has eliminated the Halftime B bell this school year, but the question so far has been as do why did the administration decide to get rid of the bell?

“It is a pilot, we wanted to see if this would allow for an easier transition and a more fluid experience during Eagle Halftime,” principal Jason Herman said. For now, the administration is seeing if it is going to work out and make lunch a smoother and easier process.

The bell is one thing most students at North rely on throughout the school day. It’s like waking up in the morning when your alarm clock goes off it tells you it’s time to get up. The B bell is much like an alarm clock to alert us to get things done.

The administration said it didn’t affect their days but some of our student body at Olathe North relies on the B bell to make sure they get where they need to be on time.

“It’s a school function, that’s why the school should have that because if they are going to require students to be somewhere at a certain time, then they should have something for the students that can remind them,” Junior Aaden Lloyd said.

Teachers have instructed students to come to their rooms to retake quizzes, tests or to get help on work. However, students use their time during A to get other work done, study, and eat their lunches so they depend on the B bell so they know when they need to get up and go.

“Getting rid of the B bell has poorly affected my time management; I haven’t missed getting to a teacher yet, but I can see myself missing a teacher or meeting in the future and I understand if other students are missing stuff because of no B bell,” Sophomore Luke Martin said.

Not having the B bell is poorly affecting not only the student body at Olathe North, but the teachers as well. Teachers even have students making up excuses for not coming to an assigned office hour.

“Students have used not having the B bell as an excuse for being late to B halftime or not coming at all,” math teacher Nicholas Stumbaugh concluded.