What Are Barstool Accounts

Social media gone wrong

Hayley Adams, Staff Editor

From anonymous Instagram confessions about cheating on tests, to making fun of rival schools on Twitter, social media plays a huge role in high school. There are multiple accounts dedicated to North students, some more controversial than others.

Recently, a new account has emerged on Instagram catered towards ON students, called “ONHS Confessions.” This account features anonymous confessions and comments about school life at North, and has gotten a variety of responses, not all positive.

Although many of the confessions are light hearted, such as “I once didn’t close the Yondr…” some are more serious. From criticizing academies at North and commenting on exclusivity of certain organizations, to confessing about self-worth and self-doubt, largely caused by school.

The face behind ONHS confessions is a mystery, since all they post are Google Forms responses and never anything personal. The account has also been silent for over a month and was unable to comment.

Barstool accounts are national, popular accounts that comment on sports. The national official barstool sports account is on Twitter, with nearly 2 million followers nationwide. Although this account is the only “official” one, it has inspired a plethora of independent accounts, posting commentary on local sports.

The Olathe Barstool accounts are a different type of social media page. Exclusive to only Twitter, each Olathe high school has a Barstool account, used to trash talk other school specifically regarding sports achievements. These accounts often post tweets before sports games trash-talking other teams, but some say that their alleged jokes about other schools have turned into inappropriate personal attacks on others. It is also interesting to note that Jason Herman follows the ON Barstool account on Twitter.

The face of the Olathe North Barstool account is anonymous, but was available for comment. “The accounts are to talk crap to other schools that we play during the week,” the account owner said.

Many claim that the accounts go too far, often taking matters personal and throwing cheap shots. “Yes, I believe (they go too far sometimes and cross the line) but other accounts shouldn’t get in their feelings when we say something about them after they come at us first because we never take it to heart, we just fire back,” Olathe North Barstool account owner responded.

The Olathe South Barstool account was also available for comment, stating “In my head, the accounts don’t go too far but I could see how other people think that…the purpose of the accounts is a fun way to talk a little smack on other schools and make jokes and promote our schools at the same time.

Rigo Alvarez is a sophomore at Olathe South, and defends his school’s Barstool account’s controversial tweets. “People who are offended by these need to understand comedy, everyone has their own perspective on humor and if someone else’s offends you, there’s nothing forcing you to view it.”

The face behind the Barstool accounts remain anonymous, however, the South account revealed that multiple people run the accounts, many of which are friends with each other. As for Olathe North’s account, they have decided to reveal their identity at the end of the year.