Political Opinions at Olathe North


Photo taken by: Sarah Manuel

Aly Spence, Staff Writer

Since March, opinions and politics surrounding masks and Covid-19 in general have become quite relevant because of the global pandemic. So, how has this affected Olathe North? 

“I think that Olathe North will abide by the rules. We are not a school that makes things super political for no reason that does not need to be political,” says sophomore Afreen Jaman. 

Although Jaman seems confident, some are hesitant about the Olathe school board’s response, and subsequent push toward in-person hybrid learning.  

Principal Herman sent out a school-wide email to parents and students which stated, “high school in-person students will return to in-person learning in a hybrid learning environment starting on Monday, Oct. 19.” 

Details about this new learning plan further announced that masks will be mandatory when in person. How will this go over with students? When asking students if they wear masks around their friends, Jaman responded with, “I personally do not wear masks because I have only hung out with my friends at home.” 

“I wear a mask around my friends, yes,” declares senior Elizabeth Tuckness, although it seems that not all people have the same views, as some some forego wearing masks if it’s just to hang out with friends and others refuse to leave the house without one. 

Only time will tell how a theoretical situation will be put into practice in the upcoming weeks. With the coronavirus still at large and the election coming up, politics surrounding Covid-19 are sure to continue to affect the students and staff at Olathe North.