North Nonsense

Paige Keith, Staff Editor

In my four years at Olathe North, I have felt my freedom diminish significantly. The tragic vending machine loss of the 2021-22 school year added insult to injury of the loss of lunch privileges and bathroom freedom. Freshman year, a simple “Can I go to the bathroom?” would suffice. Now, an e-hallpass is required, and by the time my ancient laptop has been turned on to make my pass, I’ve wasted more time than actually just hustling to the bathroom. As we lose something new each year and more restrictions are placed, I declare that North has become more strict. 

“Using an e-hallpass feels so unnecessary. Sometimes the laptops are slow  and I’m in my classroom with no service so it takes way longer to make my pass,” junior Jimena Saldivar said. “I understand the reasoning behind it, I guess, but nobody likes it and most of my teachers don’t even use it.”

Other students agree that our method of hall passes is not accepted nor practical. 

“[E-hallpass] is a little silly. I much prefer when you’d have to take like a lanyard to the bathroom and bring it back,” senior Dakota Oliva said. 

Prior to school being shut down for COVID, e-hallpass wasn’t used at Olathe North. Teachers would write physical passes or just trust their students to come back in a timely manner. 

“I feel like after all that’s gone on, the school is trying to regulate it to where it doesn’t make sense anymore,” sophomore Bria Dawson said. “I think e-hallpass should be used for people that are constantly skipping, where the teacher knows they’ll be gone for ten minutes. Unless you have a pooping condition, no one should be in the bathroom for ten minutes. We all know you’re skipping. It also doesn’t make any sense why e-hallpass  is enforced when none of the administration uses it. Like maybe one of my teachers uses e-hallpass so I just don’t go to the bathroom during their class.”

While North students voice their distaste towards e-hallpass, other Olathe schools have alternatives that are universally disliked.

“We have to have a pass physically written every time we go somewhere now because no one liked e-hallpass, so don’t worry it gets worse,” Olathe East senior Cameron Castaldi said. 

 I voiced my complaint very loudly in an issue of The Chronicle last year about the vending machines being restrictive. The point of a vending machine is for convenience, and now our vending machines serve no purpose further than being decor.

“I actually never used the vending machines, but I feel like it was unnecessary to restrict them,” sophomore Angel Samano said. “Lunch isn’t the most solid option for some people so the vending machines gave them a chance to not go hungry.”

Other students agreed that the vending machines not being accessible is problematic. 

“The vending machine restriction is so awful, I miss my snacks. I used to go during DS to get snacks when we weren’t busy which was great, but I understand people abused them or whatever. Still makes me mad though,” junior Camryn Ronning said. 

Some students of the class of 2023 who have witnessed a new restriction every school year feel as though North has become more stern. 

“It’s been getting more and more strict ever since freshman year (2019-2020) because first Eagle Halftime went away, then we lost any option we had during Eagle Opps and eating during assigned lunch happened, and then the vending machines went away. I disapprove,” senior Morgan White said. 

While some blame North, others place full blame on the students. 

“Yes, North has gotten more strict since freshman year, 100%. It’s definitely because students are making bad choices and others have to deal with the consequences. Kids vape in the school or destroy the bathrooms, making admin mad and restricting our freedom to leave the classroom to go get water or go to the bathroom,” senior Izzy Neuburger said. “It comes down to it being the students’ fault. School is a place for education, not for pooping on the bathroom floor and thinking it’s funny.” 

It now rests on the shoulders of the students if North relaxes and goes back to their old ways, but at this rate, only time will tell.