Major Biden’s Indoguration

Bailey Flanagan, Editor in Chief

On Sunday January 17th, Biden made presidential history. Not Joe Biden, but Major Biden, the Biden family’s beloved German Shepherd. Major Biden is the nation’s first First-Dog to be adopted from an animal shelter. To celebrate this historic first the Delaware Humane Association, the shelter Major was adopted from, held an “indoguration” fundraiser. The indoguration was held over zoom and described as the “world’s largest virtual party for dogs” by the DHA. A $10 entrance donation  was required to attend, and all proceeds went towards rescuing more pups to give them a chance at an extraordinary life like Major! If you missed the indoguration, don’t fret you can watch a recording here: 

To many americans, Major’s presence in the White House is indicative of more than a fun new tradition. To senior Sarah Montes, “having a dog back in the White House makes the Biden Administration seem less bleak”. Montes stresses that “it is still important to critique the Biden Administration, but there is joy in the little things” like having dogs back in the White House.

Major Biden’s shelter dog to first-dog story is remarkable, but so is the impact of volunteering and donating to local shelters. It was because of donated time and resources that Major was able to “live the American dream” as said by the DHA. You, too, can have an impact on the animals of our community by adopting and volunteering locally. Unleashed Pet Rescue and KC Pet Project of Kansas City have locations throughout the metro area to volunteer, donate, and adopt from to change a local shelter pet’s life!