Senior’s Perspective on Continuous Learning Changes

Meagan Navarro, Staff Illustrator and Writer

With the recent school district transition to full-time classes, The Chronicle asked seniors Alice Hoppock and Sarah Montes of Olathe North their opinions on these constant changes to the school system and schedule.

Senior Alice Hoppock
Senior Sarah Montes

Have the district changes interfered with your after school schedule/life (including your work schedule)? How have these changes affected you as a senior?

Alice Hoppock: I do not have a job so they haven’t interfered with me too much, but I really don’t like the full 90 minute class schedule because it makes the days feel so much shorter, and I think I tend to pay less attention because we have to be on zoom for so much longer. 

Sarah Montes: The constant changes in our schedule made it harder for me to plan for availability when it came to work and also just made it hard for me to become accustomed to a routine. As a senior, it’s given me a new level of burnout.


Which school schedule do you prefer: hybrid or full day? Why?

Alice Hoppock: I prefer hybrid for sure, I really liked getting out at 11 and having the rest of the day to do homework and catch up on sleep and all that jazz.

Sarah Montes: I prefer hybrid because it gave me more time to pursue personal projects or work on my art for class on a more flexible schedule. It would have also allowed me to be more available for work.


What do you think the district can do to improve? 

Alice Hoppock: I would say go back to hybrid, I’ve heard a lot of kids saying that now classes and hallways are more crowded, and remote kids have to sit in front of a screen for 8 hours.

Sarah Montes: I think the district could have improved their structures throughout this entire process because some of the current processes don’t entirely make sense.


Comments on the district/school in general:

Alice Hoppock: It’s obviously a difficult year, but it would be nice if students felt more heard by the district.