Track and Field Spotlight

Menaka Garapaty, Staff Writer

The Olathe North track and field team is well into their season, and athletes have much to look forward to. After a year’s break due to the cancellations of spring athletics last year, track and field athletes are getting back in the mental and physical grind of competing. 

“It was a little weird coming back after COVID, but it was pretty easy to adjust, just like school. Getting back into the groove of training and competition was a little harder, but that usually comes with any new sport season,” sophomore and JV track athlete Brooke Wagoner explained.

Along with this adjustment, COVID-19 protocols present changes to the season. Fortunately, track and field meets and practices have been affected very little compared to what other sports have faced throughout this school year.

“Covid really hasn’t impacted practices that much, since we’re all outside and most of our event groups are pretty spread out,” Wagoner stated. “Masks are still required, but we’re allowed to pull them down if we’re running.”

Wagoner, like the rest of the team, was unable to attend any meets last year, so she is excited for what the rest of the season has in store for her.

“I’m looking forward to setting some new personal records and progressing in my speed,” Wagoner stated. “I hope to get a lot of my times down, and set myself up for a really good season next year.”