Girls Soccer Spotlight

Eve Loehrer, Staff Editor

When the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world last year, spring sports seasons were canceled along with school. The Olathe North girls soccer team had a few practices last year, but this season brought the first game in two years. 

As the risk of COVID is still present, some changes in safety protocol have been made. For example, spectators are required to wear masks, and so are the athletes when they’re not on the field. 

“It doesn’t feel too different, there’s just like obviously being distanced is kind of hard, especially when we have to go indoors,” JV athlete Isobel Li said. “They try to space things out more, but I don’t think any of the athletic programs really try to be COVID-safe.”

Additionally, players who come into contact with someone who has COVID, they have to quarantine and take a COVID test before they can return to playing. The JV team had to quarantine on Tuesday, April 13 due to being exposed at a game against Olathe West the previous week.

“On Monday before sixth hour, everyone on JV got called out to the nurse’s and told we had been in contact with a West girl that had tested positive and knew that but didn’t tell her coach,” Li said. “So then we had to quarantine almost a week after that game, and all of our test results came back negative, but we still had to quarantine for the Tuesday right after.”

Not having a season last year has also changed Li’s outlook on this year. 

“I don’t think I’m going to be able to play next year because of AP [classes], so I really want to have a good season,” Li said. “I just want a full season, hopefully no more quarantines, just so I can get the experience.”