Eagles Take Flight

Bria Dawson, Staff Writer

The 2020-2021 school year was filled with masks, hybrid students, and online learning. Many have struggled with mental health issues and financial problems. After overcoming a global pandemic, members of the Olathe North Eagle Flight Crew are enthusiastically working to make the school a fun place after losing the ability to attend games and events.

Last year, Students in the Olathe School District had the opportunity to choose whether they wanted to do in-person learning or stay an online student. Those who were in-person were required to wear masks and social distancing rules were also put into place. Junior Ava Stubbs, was an in-person student during the pandemic.

“It was very limited and I was not able to attend any school events or activities,” Stubbs said.

Eagle Flight Crew is in charge of many of the school events and activities during the school year. The restrictions that were caused by the pandemic prevented many of the things that Flight Crew members wanted to accomplish.

“I didn’t go to a single game last year and I would have if it had been allowed,” Kristina Pietrus, a senior in Eagle Flight Crew, said.

Students are now all back in classes, although they are still required to wear masks throughout the school day. Many students are happy to be on school grounds once again and be able to not have to deal with the rules and regulations that were once in place.

“It feels amazing, I actually get to socially interact with some of my closest friends from the school and see them face to face,” freshman Jaedin Brady said.

Eagle Flight Crew’s main goal is to promote student body involvement. Amanda Harrington is a Sports Medicine Instructor at Olathe North, the District Head Gymnastics Coach, and Olathe North Softball Coach. This is her first year teaching the Eagle Flight Crew.

“I graduated from Olathe North and I loved being a student at ON. I want all ON students to have the opportunity to be involved and enjoy their time in high school,” Harrington said.

Harrington has been working hard to create a school that celebrates the school’s sports and activities. Juniors and seniors have the opportunity to apply for Flight Crew, making a difference throughout the school after a global pandemic.

“It has been a blast. I have such a great group of kids which makes my job easier,” Harrington said.

There has been positive feedback from the students about the new addition to the crew. Members of Flight Crew are noticing the differences that Harrington has made in the school.

“It’s been so fun! Harrington has the same energy level as all of the members and she gets just as excited as us,” Pietrus said.

“She also pushes us to be better and be a great representation for the North. She does above and beyond for all of us and even all the other million things she has going on.”

The Coronavirus caused many to resort to the internet to interact with each other. Apps such as FaceTime, TikTok, and Zoom were many programs that were used during the early stages of COVID-19.

In August 2021, Flight Crew created it’s first social media account on Instagram, hoping to spread their messages through the web.

“Almost all students have one form of social media so it’s nice to know they can see our content through the internet,” Pietrus says.

Flight Crew now has Twitter, Facebook, and Tiktok accounts. The Eagle Flight Crew Twitter has 214 followers and their Instagram account has 480 followers and is still growing.

“There has been a growth in student sections at games,” Pietrus said. “Students can stay in the loop and also see students repost our stuff for others to see!”

Many have noticed the effort that Eagle Flight Crew has put into the school. These students pride themselves in creating a school that is fun and creative, even after a global pandemic.

“I cherish every moment I get to see them because who knows, everything could get taken away from us again,” Stubbs said.