Thanksgiving Break Extended

Vin Parazin, Copy Editor

For the first time ever, the Olathe School District has extended Thanksgiving Break to last an entire week. This year, Thanksgiving Break ran from November 22nd to

November 26th, with two weekends included. Many students did different things for the break this year. Here were some of their plans!


“I’m volunteering for a Luminary Walk” -Kathe Cho, 11

“I’m going to sleep, and do college apps.” -Olivia Luttrell, 12

“Bake three pies, with the first two being in a different state than the last one. -Konner Nguyen, 10

“Sleeping! And reading and eating yummy food and having a friendsgiving” -Abbie Peters, 12

“My mom and I are going to NYC together! It’s our first trip together.” -Delainey Isaacson, 11

“I’m going to Virginia to see my cousins” -Sophia Mershon, 11

“I’m gonna work, sleep, and hang out with my friends.” -Bani Grover, 12

“I’m going up to Iowa to see my family” -Malea Olvera, 12