Flight Crew Finds Fame


The Olathe North student section, led by Eagle Flight Crew, participating in the beach-out theme at the September 2 game against Olathe East. | Photo by Jessica McCue

Eve Loehrer, Editor-in-Chief

Earlier this school year, North’s Eagle Flight Crew found fame on TikTok. Flight Crew had three videos go viral on the app, boosting them to over 9000 followers. 

On August 31, they posted two of the videos that took off: a video explaining the “rules of the student section” garnered over 400,000 views and 60,000 likes, and a video of the “top 6 chants” for gameday was even more popular, with 2.6 million views and over 700,000 likes. 

Flight Crew received a lot of attention in the comments, but some of it was negative. In the comments of the videos, users posted comments like “that’s cool pull up y’all’s record” and “That’s y there’s 10 ppl there.” 

In response to these comments, Flight Crew posted a follow up video at the football game on September 3, showing off the size of the student section during a game and North football’s victory over that game’s opponent. This video also reached a large audience on TikTok, with over 800,000 views and 225,000 likes. 

“Every thirty minutes someone would text in our big group chat and be like ‘guys, there’s this many views, this many likes,’ and we were all just really excited,” senior Taylor Sales said.

Flight Crew is also active on Instagram and Twitter. Their teacher, Amanda Harrington, runs the Twitter, while Sales runs the Instagram. Flight Crew is most active on Instagram, posting game reminders and themes, senior reminders, and general school reminders.

Sales joined Flight Crew because she wanted to increase school spirit and excitement at games.

“I think it makes the games more fun because sometimes the game isn’t always how we wanted it to be on the field or on the court, but the spirit and having everyone there makes it more enjoyable,” Sales said.

With football season over, Flight Crew is preparing for basketball. They have continued posting on TikTok, but haven’t reached the same level of success.

“It was probably like ten minutes of fame,” Sales said. “But it was cool to see.