Olathe North is Alive with The Sound of Music


Claire Decatur

Max (Drew Bellamy) working with the children before the singing competition

Sam Schaper

The Sound of Music tells the story of aspiring nun, Maria Kutschera. While at the abbey, early into her postulancy, the Mother Abbess suggests to Maria that she take some time off from the abbey and watch over the nearby Von Trapp children as their governess. With her love of singing, all the nuns feel that she is simply too free-spirited to have a true place in the sisterhood. The Von Trapp household is run very strictly by widower Captain Georg Von Trapp. His seven mischievous children have been resentful of the previous governesses, but surely Maria will be able to win their hearts… and the heart of someone else? And will Maria’s love of music become something more than just a hobby? A true story of love and loss, comedy and tragedy, The Sound of Music will be opening Thursday, February 7th and running through Saturday, the 9th.