Service Hearts

Olathe North Eagle Service Club works to serve our school, community, nation, and world.

Miles Arambula, Staff Editor

Ever wondered what students can do to give back to their community? They can get a start right here at Olathe North! The Eagle Service Club gives anyone the opportunity to volunteer and do community service. The Kansas Association for Youth, or KAY club, is a statewide organization to promote student leadership and service, with club branches in many schools. Eagle Service Club is the branch at Olathe North High School.

Eagle Service Club’s mission is to provide a place where people can volunteer for their school, community, nation and world. The volunteering projects range from big to small, so anyone can chip in to help. Their motto is “Today for Tomorrow”. The slogan for Eagle Service Club is “Laugh, Love, Lift”. 

So what have they accomplished? During Suicide Prevention Week, cupcakes called “cope cakes” were baked and given out. To earn a cupcake, one would write down a coping mechanism they employ. Why cupcakes? According to Eagle Service Club President Jolly Patro, “food makes everything better”. Eagle Service Club has visited the Johnson County Christmas Bureau in order to donate gifts and food to families that are struggling financially. Also during the holidays, Eagle Service Club sponsors the “giving tree” that students use to donate winter clothing items to those less fortunate. The club members also participate in the service fair at Northview Elementary, where they do things like making dog toys for Wayside Waifs. Throughout the year they have provided thank you notes to teachers and deliver cookies on Valentines Day. 

Even the smallest things can make a difference”

Eagle Service Club serving the community at Harvesters

Eagle Service Club serving our community by making fleece blankets

The club meets twice a month to decide what projects to pursue. They have after school volunteer opportunities a few times a month.

With a few months left in the school year, Eagle Service Club still has a few things planned. They are going to Autumn Leaves, a senior care center. “We always play games with them and we usually play some music as well,” says Patro. They are also planning a final desk cleaning, where members of the club will wipe off the desks in every classroom to promote a cleaner work space.

Kelly Warren, the club sponsor, has a lot of passion when it comes to Eagle Service Club. She says that she loves to see the kids’ hearts of service, and that looking back on her fourteen years of sponsoring this club, she feels love seeing how many people’s lives have been changed for the better because of it. 

Patro says that her favorite part is planning projects with people who really love to give back to the community.

If you didn’t know where to start volunteering, you can always start on your home turf. Even the smallest things can make a difference. 

Above: Eagle Service Club in different areas of the community providing help during the 2018-2019 school season.